Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Nothingness from the Addictions of the Eternal Series by JC Stockli

 “Fall from your graces into the depths.”
A dispirited addict learns that history repeats itself deep within hidden worlds. Evie Westvale is lost in the lifeless existence of her drug-laden fishing town. She finds much more than fellow addicts lurking beneath the docks. Craving escape from her inebriated reality, she discovers the presence of a dark stranger who haunts her dreams in the most delicious ways. Lucca has come to prey on the dregs of Fallhaven. He has not arrived by accident, and he is not alone.

Riding waves of blood and lust, Evie is forced to confront her dark past and an irresistible future, but can she survive the tempest brewing inside?

THE NOTHINGNESS is the first installment of the ADDICTIONS OF THE ETERNAL series.
“Have you found the light, or have you fallen?” 
Evie’s life can never be the same as long as the Sempiternal continue to call out from the depths. She’s in limbo, too ignorant and afraid of the future Lucca has planned with her. She’s left Fallhaven, set adrift in a new city, and fighting more than withdrawal. Evan has become her constant companion, committed to assimilating Evie to a clean, mortal life, but at what cost?

Though he fights to help her conquer her demons, still she struggles with her cravings for Lucca’s nothingness. How can she move on when there can be no light to her days without the darkness of his nights?

THE SAVING is the second installment of the ADDICTIONS OF THE ETERNAL series

Evie twisted and twirled through the tables and the shadows. She bobbed her head to the music and lip-synced along. Beyond taking orders, the music overwhelmed any attempt at conversation. Familiar patrons nodded or winked a greeting as she walked by. After a curvy course, she'd arrived at her destination.
When Evie reached the corner booth, she stopped dead in her tracks. Tray in hand, mouth gaped open, Evie stared down at whom she gathered to be the most beautiful man she had ever seen. 
The stranger reciprocated her stare with a devious smirk and dark eyes. The sandy scruff of a five o'clock shadow framed his face. His dirty-blond locks hung down the side of his jaw line, ends resting just across his shoulders. His sharp, angular features guarded deep dark irises. They created a sharp line above his eye sockets, like they were meant to purposely shield those dark pools of mystery from the club’s lighting. He held one eyebrow cocked indicating his amusement at her obvious fascination. 
Look away, dammit. You’re embarrassing yourself.
Evie forced herself to look away from his hypnotic features, but not too far. She dropped her gaze to his well-cut shoulders. His lean frame was shrouded under a soft grey sweater and worn leather jacket. 
Dammit. Stop giving him the once over, she demanded of herself again.
Evie averted her eyes once more. This time she stared straight down to his lap. Weathered jeans concealed what Evie presumed was something much more offensive to stare at than his face. She lifted her surprised gaze back up to meet his. The sly side smirk across his face widened. Clearly, he delighted in her awkwardness. Exasperated, she broke the silence and forced herself out of her reverie. 
“Hi,” she said, yelling over the music. She had to lean closer towards him so that he might hear her. By doing so, she caught a faint but pleasant scent overpowering the rankness of the club. “What can I getcha?”
The stranger looked back up at her in pure delight. Eyebrows lifted, he propped himself up with his elbows, one against the table top and the other against the back of the booth's bench. They cradled his thin but muscular frame. He stretched himself up to her. She leaned in even closer. Her senses now identified his aroma of orange blossoms and mint.
“I was thinking I might like you,” he replied and licked his lips.
Evie snapped upright. His dark gleaming eyes held her in place. His smile haunted. Evie’s pulse quickened. Her heart threatened to burst from her chest. And she softened deep between her thighs at the thought of serving herself up to the devilishly tenebrous stranger.
She moved back a little, allowed herself a moment to register his order and shake off his scent. Fighting a quiver, she replied, “Sorry man. If you're looking for a girl, you'll have to request one of the dancers. I just bring the drinks.”
She forced her composure and feigned cockiness with her hip shifted to the side, waiting for a new order. All the while her body trembled with anticipation.
“I can't say I'm interested in any of these girls,” the stranger said. His dismissive hand waved through the air. “And I don't care for alcohol myself.”
He reached into his pocket to reveal a large wad of cash and placed it down on the table. She looked at the generous fold of twenty-dollar bills. At least a few grands' worth. She gawked at him in amazement.
“I...” she stuttered. “I can't accept that. I'm just your waitress.”
“Should that matter?” he asked. His constant smile made her shiver. “You asked for my order, and I'd like to order you.” 

THE NOTHINGNESS is FREE to download until the end of the month!
Author Bio:
Choose your poison: Paranormal Fantasy • Romantic Horror • Dark Fantasy With A Twist? Maybe all of the above, and then some?

Stockli strives to keep it dark and intimate, feeding off of those quiet moments where secret exchanges of eye contact scream louder than words. Her work consists of “perfectly imperfect characters and real-life grittiness.” She is inspired by music, the past, and possibilities. Happily Ever Afters are only achieved through the cost of some blood, guts, or a soul or two… if at all.

Also an established full-time professional, Stockli has earned her BA in Art & Architectural History and MBA with a concentration in Marketing. Over the years she’s traveled, lived, learned, and moonlighted as a magician’s assistant, a roadie for a metal band, a dance fitness instructor, and even dressed up as a promotional character at public events. For her, life has been all in good fun and given her a wealth of real life material to work off of. She lives along the Massachusetts coast with her husband and two little monsters. You’ll likely find them dancing around the house, or out on the water soaking in the sun and breathing in the sea salt air.


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