Saturday, August 29, 2015

Book Review: Angel Unbound by Sharon Saracino

When earthbound angel and notorious womanizer, Luca Fiorelli, reconnects with formerly missing and presumed dead, Callista McAllister, he is annoyed to discover centuries old feelings re-emerging. Of all the angels, in all the realms, why did she have to walk into his ice cold world and trigger a thaw? Sure she's the sister of his best friend, but wasn't she held captive by the notorious Jaques Rapier for a hundred years? How could his evil not rub off on her? Not to mention the certainty Jacques had used and abused her. Better to serve, protect, and steer clear of her emotionally than lose his dignity--right?

Callista McAllister, locked up and untouched like a nun in a convent by the murderous Jacques, now released to her family, is equally confused. She always saw Luca as her big brother's best friend. Sure, she had a girlish crush on him, literally ages ago. Now she's a woman, an independent adult Earthbound, albeit minus her abilities to sense the presence of evil or to fade and travel instantaneously. She doesn't need that overbearing oaf, Luca, telling her what to do, where to go, or how to feel, even when those feelings leave her light-headed, weak in the knees, and day-dreaming about all the books she read about sex while in captivity.

When a demon reappears and Archangel Michael is called upon to shed light on the cause and cure for this hellish creature, it's all Fallen and Defensori hands on deck. Can they keep the demon from wreaking damages on all of Rome? What unholy alliances will they be forced to enter to defeat him? Will Luca and Calli ever get together?

No spoilers from me! You will have to read to find out. This can be read as a stand alone, but why miss out on the fun of the series? A highly enjoyable read, ANGEL UNBOUND earns five sparkly stars from me.

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