Monday, February 15, 2016

PW's Pick for Self-Publishing Stars of 2015: The Rockets' Red Glare by John Darrin and Michael Gresalfi

Get ready for edge of your seat reading!
Al Qaeda in North America, awash with money and in possession of a stockpile of radioactive cesium, is stymied in their plans for a massive July 4th dirty bomb attack on America because of intense scrutiny by Homeland Security. A homegrown terrorist group, the White Aryan Resistance, has an abundance of foot soldiers ready to carry out terrorist attacks for their own goals, but no resources to do it. When the "enemy of my enemy" brings about their alliance, they present an unprecedented threat to America's security, and confound the conventional wisdom of terrorist attacks.

Cal Bellotta, a Homeland Security terrorism expert, and Ray Nassiri, an American Muslim and computer genius working for the Army's Information Dominance Center, join forces, and their unconventional methods frustrate and inspire the Homeland Security apparatus. It is up to them to peel away the layers of deceit and deception and uncover the truth before Independence Day becomes Doomsday.


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About the Authors
John Darrin is a best-selling author and radiological emergency preparedness professional. He has worked in the nuclear industry for 40 years, initially as a radiation health and safety professional, and most recently as a consultant for companies focused on nuclear and radiological disasters and homeland security.

After graduation from Colgate University, he trained as a radiation safety technician and studied further at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Virginia. His full-time life included such experiences as the entire 60 s phenomena, the anti-war movement, arrests on three continents, running businesses from electronics manufacturing in Europe and the U.S. to inventing radically new radioactive waste treatment processes, and even one that created a USA Today Top 10 Cyber Café.

John's first novel, The Law of the Pack, won an international Best First Novel contest, and was followed in 2009 by Screenshot, a best-selling techno-thriller about pay-per-view Internet assassinations. He lives in Frederick, MD with his extraordinary fiancé and a menagerie of rescued animals including cats, dogs, birds, and even a thoroughbred horse.

Dr. Michael Gresalfi has more than 30 years of proven expertise in leading both national-level strategic policy and planning initiatives. He has substantive experience advising senior decision-makers, including Federal agency senior executives and corporate leadership. Over the last four years, while collaborating on the development of this book, Dr. Gresalfi was a contractor for the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Lab. Since 9-11, he has provided significant operational and planning support to a wide range of offices and clients within the Department of Energy s National Nuclear Security Administration, as well as within both the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

He received his Ph.D. in Public Policy from George Washington University, in Washington, DC. Gresalfi is a former counter-intelligence officer with the U.S. Army, with a counter-terrorism specialty, and a service-connected disabled veteran.

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