Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Book Spotlight: Violation of Faith by Jeannie Hall

Lynea Kreig has spent the past three years being invisible. After running with her little sister halfway across the country–away from her abusive cult leader husband–she seeks nothing but safety and anonymity. When she’s offered a job which would keep her close to her sister, Lynea can’t refuse, even though she’ll have to work with a man who hates everything she used to be.

Ever since some wannabe Satanists murdered his sister, Professor Brennan Gage has been bent on eradicating cult activity. This obsession leaves little time for romance or anything else. Yet Lynea’s secretive nature both irritates and fascinates him, making her hard to ignore.

Over time, their close proximity morphs into mutual desire and a real chance at happiness. But happiness for Lynea will never be this simple, especially once her psychotic husband appears at the front door… 
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Though gorgeous, she held herself as straight as a ruler. Such a precise posture hinted at military uniformity rather than the typical student slouch. Hadn’t Scott mentioned one of his book vendors being the daughter of a Marine? If this was her, she’d be gone by the end of the afternoon. A sense of disappointment settled over him, and he wanted to kick himself.
“Is he expecting you?”
“Yes, sir. I have an appointment.”
“Don’t refer to me as sir. Please, call me Brennan.” Sir. Yep, must be a military brat. He waited a few beats, but she volunteered nothing, not even her name. “And you are?”
“Lynea Kreig.” She pronounced her first name as Lynn-nay-ah.
“Well, Lynea, why don’t I escort you to his office?” Brennan stood but paid more attention to this strange woman than where to place his feet. As a result, he bumped hard into the corner of his desk. His coffee cup sprang out of his grip, dislodging the lid. Boiling liquid splattered down his front.
 The plastic mug ping-ponged across the room, and embarrassed, Brennan leapt after it. He didn’t notice Lynea diving toward him until it was too late to halt their collision. The impact of their skulls stunned him, and he found himself in a heap on his parquet floor. He cursed his natural clumsiness. Lynea sat three feet away caressing her forehead.
“Hope I didn’t give you a concussion,” he joked, pushing himself into an upright position.
Lynea dropped her hand and watched him, unspeaking. Did he hit her harder than he thought? Her features had a different cast now. They’d become more transparent. Less rigid. Her extraordinary eyes sparkled despite their bemusement. The idea of getting to know her better ensnared him in its alluring grip. The barest hint of a smile played around her mouth, making him think reckless thoughts. What would she do if he kissed her right now? Belt him or lean in and enjoy it?

Jeannie Hall is a Romance Suspense/Thriller author, hailing from the Southern United States. She uses her experiences growing up in the Deep South and love of nature as backdrops for her books. Jeannie enjoys writing intense and dark plots which twist in unexpected ways around her characters. She believes the best characters come from difficult and sometimes tragic pasts, building them into stronger women and men.
Her current project is the Cult Wife series, the debut of which is to be released March 2nd, 2016. The Cult Wife series is the story of Lynea, a woman running away from the cult leader she was forced to marry. She meets Brennan, a professor and public speaker, who wants nothing more than to eradicate cults completely. Fearful of Brennan discovering the truth about her and exposing it to the public, Lynea plans to keep her distance. But when an important means to improve her future comes through Brennan, she feels compelled to accept it. Feelings erupt between them, and her cult leader husband appears without warning. Will Lynea share her secret as well as her love with Brennan, or will her husband find her before she gets the chance?
Jeannie is married to her soul mate, considers her cats to be her kids, and loves the joy of reading and writing.

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