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Character Interview: Danielle deForet, Heroine of Shadows Across Time by Mariah Lynne

My name is Danielle deForet. I never thought love would come my way again after my fiancé, Josh, died serving his country. My heart was filled with uncontrollable grief; in order to cope, I buried myself in my work.

I was born and raised in Naples, Florida. My father died when I was young. My mother became the main breadwinner and opened a small antique shop one block from the trendy shopping and eating area of Fifth Avenue.

My father gone, my mother and grandmother became my rocks doting on me while giving me love and confidence.

When I was twelve, my Grandma gave me a most beautiful doll house, a replica of Chenonceau Castle in the Loire Valley of France. It’s one of the most romantic castles in Europe with a river running beneath it. She told me on many an occasion that our ancestors were from that castle and we were of royal lineage. As a child, even as an adult, I found this hard to assimilate, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I listened to all her stories.

When Mom retired she gave me her shop. I was an art-history major in college and jumped on her offer. I was twenty –eight and wanted to expand her inventory to more pricey, rare, and historical antiques. I moved the store to Fifth Avenue and my clientele grew to include very wealthy patrons. Everything was beyond wonderful until that day when a very peculiar customer came into my store.

He was dressed oddly and had a very rare and old piece for me to appraise. It was summer and business had slowed down. I was greedy anxious to oblige.

As I completed my appraisal, its owner, a wizard, cast a spell whisking us both back to 1559 and the home of my ancestors, Chenonceau Castle.

I was kept a prisoner, a royal prisoner, the wizard indicating I was a princess. What kind of princess is kept under lock and key? What does this horrible man want from me?

It’s during this awful time that I met the love of my life, a handsome knight in the service of his queen. His name was Aidan and he was stationed as my guard from the first moment I arrived. He was brave with piercing eyes that held me captive. The only time we met occurred when he delivered my meals or was sent to deliver messages. We made the most of our time together and fell in love even though we were from different times and places.

We both knew we wanted to stay together for the rest of our lives planning to leave the castle together in a risky escape. I would have gambled everything I had to be with him. He would have done the same for me including risking death if he was caught helping a royal prisoner escape.

We had assistance from those outside the castle grounds but would their help be enough?

Georgina one of my most unique purchases was a mannequin dressed like a gypsy. Unbeknownst to me, she had been turned to wood by that same wizard hundreds of years before. Her body stiff: her mind and powers sharp, she pledged to do anything to help us, but warned us if she failed, the wizard would destroy all three of us.

Imagine being kidnapped and transported back in time to a 16th century French castle.

Danielle deForet, a beautiful rare antiques dealer, is tricked into completing an appraisal on a rare French piece, when to her surprise its owner casts a spell sending them both back to 1559. Danielle learns she is the crucial link for a royal spell and finds herself guarded by a handsome knight, Aidan. They soon fall in love, and he plans a risky escape.

Georgina, once a seer, now a mannequin in Danielle’s shop, was turned to wood by that same wizard. Her body stilled, her mind sharp, she is the lovers’ only hope to escape. If she intervenes, and the wizard finds out, he will stop at nothing to make his spell succeed, even if it means destroying Georgina, Danielle, and Aidan.
Aidan looked deep into my eyes. “You are unlike any woman I have ever met. I loved your strength and beauty the first day I lay eyes on you. Every time we meet, those feelings intensify. I no longer care about my fate—only of being with you.”
His gaze said it all. I leaned in and gently kissed him again. This time he was eager to return my advances. Our lips locked in a long passionate kiss. He deepened the kiss before moving his lips down my neck.

Aidan took a sudden step back. “This is quite improper. Forgive me your highness. I must come to my senses. You are of royal blood while I a commoner.”

I took his hand and squeezed it. “Aidan, Alasdair kidnapped me. I am as common as you.”

He listened, surprised at my comment. “How can that be? He says you are a future queen.”

I held his other hand wrapping his arm around my waist. “Trust me. I am telling you the truth. Please, I need to feel your strong arms around me for comfort.”

When he held me again, I melted in his arms. His muscular hands were gentle as they caressed my body. He kissed me, devouring my lips in his. For some reason, I felt the urge to show him my true feelings. I was scared not as I was of Alasdair, but afraid of being abandoned by love again. I haven’t been able to open my heart completely to a man since I lost Josh. Aidan’s feelings were as shaky as mine because he pushed me away again even though his eyes were filled with desire.

“I apologize for my boldness, Danielle. I mean no disrespect. I loved you the first day in Alasdair’s workshop. I admired how brave you were to stand up to that powerful wizard. You looked beautiful. Your golden hair glistened in the filtered sunlight coming through the small window. I knew my feelings would be considered treasonous, but not knowing how much time we will share together, I want to show you how I feel with every beat of my heart.”

His eyes glazed over with passion. I believed that with every beat of mine, he would risk everything to save me. I had fought falling in love for years, fearing I would be left with a broken heart again. However, for some reason I couldn’t explain, I wanted to hold him close to me. 
Love at first sight? I don’t know what happened to me, but my feelings were too strong to ignore. Deciding to give love a chance, I leaned in kissing his nose before moving my kisses down to his lips again.

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Ever dream of traveling through time? Mariah Lynne does. She writes stories that take her readers along on exciting journeys. Travel to distant times and beautiful places with strong willed independent heroines whose memorable tales will entertain with twisted plots that dabble in the paranormal. SHADOWS ACROSS TIME fits that description to a T as do her previous works THE LOVE GYPSY and THE DUCHESS’NECKLACE.

A graduate of Syracuse University, Mariah lives on a beautiful Florida Gulf Coast island. Before writing fiction, she wrote weekly entertainment columns for two island newspapers. Because she adores where she lives, Southwest Florida takes center stage in her stories.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Southwest Florida Romance Writers who recently published an anthology: “From Florida With Love: Sunsets and Happy Endings.” Mariah’s short story “Love At First Flight” is included. Her cozy mystery Claws For Justice was published in a mystery anthology “Nine Deadly Lives”. “The Kaine Mutiny”, a fun look at match making will be included in Sunrise and Stormy Skies set for release this summer. THE DUCHESS’ NECKLACE is scheduled to be released in print in early 2017.

When she is not writing, she enjoys swimming, travelling, and spending time with her husband and dolphin hunting dog, Max. To learn more about Mariah visit her at:


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