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Interview with K.D. Friedrich, Author of Morrison on my Mind, The Heart Falls Heroes, Book Three

What made you decide to be an author? When I was a teenager, I wrote poetry and songs. I branched out into writing short stories and novels as I got older. It was sort of therapy that helped quiet the ideas swirling around my head. As I got older I fell in love with romance novels. It made perfect sense to start writing them. It quickly became my passion.

What do you like best about being a writer? What do you like the least?
I love being able to put my imagination down on paper and share it with the world. Watching my ideas develop and turn into the adventure I've thought about over and over is so fulfilling.

How do you think your life experiences have prepared you for writing? To me, writing is all emotion. In order to reach the readers the way I want to, I have to dive into some of my most painful and joyful experiences. Without these experiences, I doubt I'd be able to immerse the readers into the worlds I've created.

Have you ever felt as if you were being dictated to while you wrote a book--as if the words came of their own accord? If yes, which book did that happen with? Yes, this happened with the first novel I've ever written. It's not published. As a matter of fact it's still sitting in my drawer, but I felt guided during the entire writing process. To this day, it was the easiest novel I have ever written.

You’ve written four novels and are working on your fifth novel. What’s your favorite time management tip? My trusty calendar on my phone has become a Godsend. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Are you a plotter or a pantser, i.e., do you outline your books ahead of time or are you an “organic” writer? I'm somewhere in between. The first thing I do is write the dreaded synopsis. From that basic outline, I build the story by simply writing. I do some research along the way when needed. Characters find their way into the story all on their own. Once the first draft is complete, I start the second draft, fleshing out the story and developing the characters. That's my favorite part.

If you had one take away piece of advice for authors, what would it be? Never give up. If you love to write, no matter what people tell you, no matter how many rejections you get, keep your writing dream alive.

Did music help you find your muse with this book? If yes, which song did you find yourself going back to over and over again as you wrote?
There were two songs that always came to mind as I wrote Morrison on My Mind. The first was Bring Me to Life by Evanescence and the second was Crazy for You by Madonna.

What does a guy do when the girl he's crazy about just wants him for his body? He takes the sexy deal with a secret plan to win her heart. Morrison on My Mind offers the perfect blend of romance and fun, a spicy tale about taking chances and finding love.

Cat Cross has had it with relationships. Her ex-fiancĂ© destroyed her childish dreams of happily ever after when she caught him banging a high-society tramp in their bed. She should have known. Men are only good for one thing, and that’s not opening jars. Determined to keep her sex life casual, she refuses to mix emotion with physical pleasure. No man is worth the risk of another broken heart. Not even the hotter than hell fireman Stan Morrison.

For months, Cat has resisted Stan’s sexy charm and good looks. He’s a temptation she can’t afford to entertain. But after a few drinks and one night of incredible sex, she’s agreed to an exclusive friends-with-benefits agreement with the one man able to set fire to her frozen heart.

Stan’s had his fill of casual sex. He’s ready to settle down, and there’s no better place to take root than his hometown of Heart Falls. Unfortunately, the girl he has his sights on would rather leap into a fiery pit than be tied to any one man. Knowing she’s hesitant to consent to anything permanent, he agrees to her non-relationship contract, planning to convince her he’s worth the risk.

With their sexual agreement set, Cat is confident she’ll be able to satisfy her libido while keeping her emotions in check. Stan is determined to pleasure her body and win her heart. Love was never part of the deal and is strictly against the rules. But as everyone knows, rules were meant to be broken, and Stan intends to rip apart every last one of them.

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Cat leaned on the amp to keep her knees from buckling. Stan Morrison swept her legs out from under her with the most deliciously aggressive display of masculinity she had ever encountered. His tone was demanding, his gaze hot and far lustier than anyone expected from the boy-next-door type. His stare had rolled over her curves, seeped beneath her skin, and warmed her blood like no man ever had.

Every inch of my body is humming.

Stan had caught her notice weeks ago. With his cool slate-blue eyes, silky raven-black hair, and warm tan skin, not to mention the loads of thick, corded muscle begging for exploration. But a taste was all she could afford. The whole meal was way too expensive. From what Cara had said, Stan wanted a damn three-course dinner, including a white wedding and all the trimmings.

She’d had her fill of the happily-ever-after fantasy and the heartburn to prove it. Then again, Stan’s deliciously dominant display might force her to reconsider her no relationships rule.

What the hell are you thinking? Are you really entertaining the thought of more than casual sex?

When she’d first met Stan at Cara’s Halloween party all those weeks ago, she’d thought he’d played more games in the dating world than a football player tackles. He was the kind of man who sought giddy cheerleaders, women who giggled on demand or confirmed with batting eyes his perfection. No way did he care about intelligence or strength.

Yet the more she discovered, the more she realized that Stan Morrison was a hell of a lot more than a meat-headed jock with a hard-on for airheads with big boobs. He saved lives as a firefighter, proved himself a loyal friend to Cara, Pete, and John, and after the look he’d given her, she had no doubt Stan Morrison not only liked her witty flirtation and eager defiance, he wanted more.

Maybe she’d pegged him all wrong. Perhaps, he offered more than a perfect six-pack of abs and kissable lips. Stan Morrison possessed a depth more intricate than she’d anticipated.

K. D. Friedrich is a writer of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance. A lifelong New Yorker, an overprotective mother (her daughter's words), and an obsessed reader of everything romance. Most days, you can find her hard at work, creating intricate worlds and compelling characters, hot alpha heroes being her favorite. Her novel, Soul Tie Seduction, placed second in the 2013 Golden Palm contest for Paranormal Romance and was a finalist in the 2016 Golden Quill for Paranormal Romance.


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