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Interview with Detective, Alec Pearce, hero of The Eyewitness by Nancy Weeks.

Where are you from? Did you have a happy childhood? I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and my childhood is something I don’t talk about.
Where do you live now and what do you do for a living? Is there something you'd rather be doing? I still live in Maryland and am a detective with the Baltimore Police Department. Being a cop is the last thing I planned to be, but I’m good at it. I can’t reveal where I live. I don’t want the ass-wipes—sorry, I’ll try and keep this interview clean. I don’t need the jerk balls I arrest dropping in for a visit.
What's going on in your life right now? Someone killed my partner. Joe D’Azzo is the only man in this world I will ever love. The damn coward hid in the trees and shot Joe while he was walking his dog. His daughter Emersyn was with him and … shit, sorry. Just the thought of that night makes me want to put my fist into the nearest wall. Em is an eyewitness. I’ll protect her with my life, a promised I made Joe just before he died in my arms. There is no place on earth this guy can hide from me. He picked the wrong target.
Is there someone special in your life? Yeah, but I have no business wanting her like I do. Besides, Emersyn and I are like oil and vinegar with each other. It’s my fault. I can’t tell you why because Nancy may just kill me off in book two for spoiling her story.
How did you meet? What's his/her family like? The first time I saw Emersyn, she was about twelve or thirteen. She dashed out of her house and into Joe’s arms, almost knocking Joe on his ass. Damn funny moment. I didn’t meet her face to face until years later. After I became Joe’s partner, he invited me for dinner almost every week. His wife, Grace is a fantastic cook, and her chocolate cake is almost better than sex.  I didn’t always accept his invitation. I wasn’t doing anything special. I felt like I was infringing on his family time, and I wasn’t family. But looking back, I wish I wasn’t such a moron.
What's keeping you two apart? Ahhh, damn a whole pile of shi…stuff. Who I am, where I came from, it’s not Emersyn’s world.  I try like hell to be a man like Joe D’Azzo, but I’m not much better than the scumbags I put away. Joe knows that and doesn’t want me anywhere near Emersyn or her sister, Tessa. He never said the words out loud. Hell, the words weren’t necessary. I’m going to honor that. Besides, I need to find Joe’s killer. Nothing else in my life matters.
What one thing could you do that would make you feel like the relationship will work out? Like I said, find her father’s killer and keep her safe in the process. I can’t see beyond that. So, Sharon, you look like a smart lady. Can you tell me how I get over wanting something I can’t have?
Any last comments? Nancy wanted me to tell your readers she has a giveaway. You can read it to everyone. So, if we are done, I need to get back to work. I have a killer’s face I can’t wait to slam my fist into. It was great meeting you.
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What is Emersyn hiding from Alec?
Nancy C. Weeks has loved happy-ever-after romances since her early teens. While still in college, she met and married her hero. She spent the next several years honeymooning and working overseas. Today, she lives in suburban Maryland with her husband of more than thirty years. With her two grown children out of the nest, she enjoys spending her days writing suspenseful happily-ever-after adventures outside on the deck as the local bird population keeps her company. When she is not writing, Nancy loves to blog about fascinating people, both real and fictional. The one quote that kept her dream alive:
Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. ~Thomas Edison~
If you want to know more about Nancy, go ahead a stalk her on her social media sites below. She would especially love it if you would join her Newsletter and Nancy’s Corner, a site she created for a more personal relationship between her and her readers.
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Maryland PD forensic scientist Emersyn D’Azzo has an explosive past with her father’s younger, sexy partner, Detective Alec Pearce. Then an ill-timed kiss destroys the thin line of trust between her and her dad, just before tragedy strikes and someone guns down her father.
The fatal bullet turns out to be tied to the ongoing spree of random sniper kills across the state, but Emersyn knows this wasn’t a random act of violence and is determined to find the killer.
To do so, she’ll need to rely on help from Alec, whom she doesn’t quite trust but just can’t resist. When they discover a connection to a decades-old disappearance of a college student, their investigation takes a deadly twist. Can they learn to trust each other with their hearts to save their lives? 
Excerpt for The Eyewitness –Enjoy!

Emersyn opened the driver’s door then faced Alec. He moved in close, the back of his finger brushing away the moisture on her cheeks. She didn’t pull away when his hand rested on her waist. “I’m sorry, Alec. I thought clearing my father’s office would help.”
“You don’t owe me an apology. I get why you came here, and it is me who should apologize. I took my mood out on you.”
He tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. Emersyn ached to press her hand over his and feel his heat on her face. But at the same time, a new sense of self-preservation prickled across her skin. Who could she trust? Her own mother had warned her that she really didn’t know the man in front of her.
Fear had a way of distorting reality. Her world had become so damn confusing she couldn’t find balance. She slipped her hand into her pocket and fingered the flash drive. The small piece of plastic could be nothing—or it could be everything.
“Em, where did you go?”
She faked a smile. “Just thinking about work. I keep expecting an email from security requesting my badge.”
He drew her close, wrapping his arms around her, his warmth calming her immediately. She couldn’t pull away. She needed this—something else she couldn’t understand.
He finally dropped his arms and took a step back. “I know Angela McCain well. Regardless of how she feels about you right now, she will get to the bottom of what happened yesterday.”
“I keep running the events through my head. The fire had to come from inside the walls, but there was no burning smell.”
“The fire marshal and CI team are on scene. This wasn’t a lab accident, and they aren’t treating it as one.”
“Why haven’t they questioned me?”
“I’m sure they will at some point.” He lifted her chin. “Something else is wrong. I see it in your eyes. What else happened?”
“You are a terrible liar.” He let her go, resting his arm on the roof of her car. If he was trying to make her feel trapped, it worked.
“From my house to here, what could have possibly happened?”
“What do I have to do to get you to trust me, Em?”
The annoyance in his voice set her back up. “I’m not getting into this with you in the parking lot.”
“Answer my damn question.”
And they were right back where they always seemed to fall, at each other’s throats. She tossed her shoulder bag into the front seat. Hell, if it was a fight he wanted, then maybe a good bitch-slap was what she needed to clear her head. “For starters, you can stop pissing me off with things like this.” Emersyn knocked his arm off her car so she could drop into the seat. He blocked the door when she tried to close it.
“How, Em? I walk into a room, and your blood starts to boil.”
She couldn’t get the shields up fast enough. “You could at least pretend you don’t despise me, maybe treat me once in a while like you treat Tessa.”
He knelt and reached for her hand. “I don’t despise you.”
“Now who is lying?”

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  1. Sharon, this was such a fun interview. Thank you for hosting Alec. He's become very dear to me. I'm going to have a hard time letting him go. Hugs to all!