Monday, February 12, 2018

Book Review: On the Surface by Margo Hoorstra

On the Surface (Brothers in Blue Book 1)On the Surface by Margo Hoornstra
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What do a bounty hunter and a convicted felon have in common? A lot—especially when the person they have in common is responsible for the felon’s incarceration and the death of the bounty hunter’s loved one.

The author, Margo Hoornstra, has created extremely likable and yet seemingly opposite characters. The one thing that keeps them going down the same path towards the same goal is the man who destroyed their loves, lives, and dreams, the sociopath Rod Donahue.

Jenny Reynolds is a warm and compassionate woman whose real failure was in not seeing what a creep Donahue was. Out on parole, she’s attempting to fix up her grandparents bed-and-breakfast, the Rest Easy, when easy on the eyes Brad Collins shows up pretending to be a home-improvement expert.

No spoilers! Beneath the Surface is a well researched, slow burner of a read that will keep you turning pages and staying up late at night well past the time you said you would stop “at the end of this chapter.” This book earns five hammers up and I recommend it highly to anyone who wants a suspenseful edge of the seat read with a very hot couple.

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