Monday, April 16, 2018

Love for Sale: Audiobooks by Linda Nightingale

From the time I discovered audiobooks, I loved to listen the other words writers created for me.  I was a writer but not anything serious.  Just a scribble here and there.  I even listened to books I probably wouldn’t have read and fell in love with the author’s works. There’s something about hearing the voice that makes the book really come alive.
I live in Houston though soon I’m moving to South Carolina.  Years ago, I worked at IAH (Bush International) and had a long drive from near the Galleria to the airport.  I reached into my memory and pulled out the audiobook, bought some and transformed my tedious commute into an adventure. In fact, once I was so engrossed in the book that I actually passed my exit and had to turn around.  Didn’t matter. I wasn’t late, and I had the opportunity to listen to more! Still, in the parking lot, I didn’t want to leave the car. Not wanting to go to work might have played some part in that, but I credit my total immersion in the audiobook.
I write for The Wild Rose Press, and when the publisher announced that our books were going to be offered on Audible as audiobooks, I jumped at the chance. The narrators submit a 15-minute reading of the excerpt you provide when you sign up.  After you listen, you are given the opportunity to say yay or nay. Then as the book progresses, the narrator submits segments, usually chapters, for the author to proof. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these voice actors perform my books and would sometimes listen more than once to a submission.  Sometimes, I wished I could change things in this sentence or that phrase in the book!
The big day arrives, and the book is released in audio! You happy dance.  You listen to all your chapters again and happy dance some more. You go to sleep and hear the narrator’s voice in your dreams. I was very fortunate in my narrators.  One did a good Southern accent, and the Englishwoman who read Love For Sale and the Morgan stories was wonderful.  Her voice is perfect for the books, and she really dramatizes the books. As reviews come in, the listener grades the story, the narrator, and gives an overall star rating.  It’s tense waiting for reviews, let me tell you!
I now have three audiobooks available through Audible.  The sample links take you to the book page on my website and have a longer sample than Audible.
Her General in Gray, a ghostly tale of love.
Love For Sale – Human-like androids programmed to love.
Book Video
Morgan D’Arcy: A Vampyre Rhapsody – a vampire’s love stories
Book Video: 
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