Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Review: Her Homerun Hottie by Wynter Daniels

Her Homerun Hottie (Cat's Paw Cove, #2)Her Homerun Hottie by Wynter Daniels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tori Sutherland is a successful events planner in the unique oceanside town of Cats Paw Cove. For years, she has bedazzled people with her parties. The City Council selects her over her snarky high school rival to create a unique celebration for the town’s Tricentennial and she is overjoyed. When they tell her the guest of honor is Heath Castillo, the hometown boy made good baseball star she is panic stricken.

Sure, she knows Heath—maybe a little too well. Her one true love let her know years ago she was not his one true love. Doubly frustrating for Tori because not only is she an events planner, she’s also an earthbound Cupid whose one big matchmaking failure is herself. Despite her fears, she welcomes the handsome Heath back to town by reassuring herself she can manage her emotions for a few days.

Heath is tired of the groupies, gold diggers and stalkers. He’s excited and nervous about being with Tori again. There are a lot of things he wishes he had said to her but couldn’t back in the day. Will Cupid’s arrow hit both their hearts?

An adorable romp about a second chance at love with a touch of suspense, I give this book five shiny hearts and highly recommend this read. Enjoy!

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