Sunday, October 4, 2020

Review: On the Make by Margo Hoornstra


On the Make (Brothers In Blue Book 3)On the Make by Margo Hoornstra
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Madison Clark is at her less-than-wonderful second-husband’s funeral, surrounded by people whom he sought to impress. Madison’s role in his life was as an over educated events planner. Her two sons by her first husband, now deceased, were an inconvenience he tolerated to keep her. The cast of characters at the funeral, alone, is enough to hook you into this story and make you wonder what they are up to. There’s the unctuous pastor, who’s more into supping than supporting, the so-called friends of the deceased, one phonier than the next, and an angry old man who makes demands on Madison about a historic property that never belonged to him.

The only people who seem to be on Madison’s side are the newly departed husband’s brother, and her sons, a pre-teen, and a teenager, both with issues. The younger one is sad, the older one is angry and about to get into trouble any day soon. They bicker like teenage brothers—with an edge. Madison tries to keep the peace, but they are not helping.

As she finally escapes from the church and the horde of “mourners”, she meets a movie star—and doesn’t recognize him. He, however, recognizes her son, the older, angry one. She discovers this handsome Adam Pride is trying to lure her son into the film being produced at the historic property she now owns. And she’s not happy.

A terrific addition to an equally awesome series (BROTHERS IN BLUE), this is a mystery with sympathetic hero and heroine. From start to finish the characters are real, the suspense is KILLER, and the finish is a surprise.

I give this story five Hollywood stars and highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great story that will make the outside world go away.

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