Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Five Cooking Spoons for Boiling Point by Alison Henderson

Boiling Point (Phoenix, Ltd. #2)Boiling Point by Alison Henderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Zoe Hargrove, a former military MP, has joined a unique firm of female undercover bodyguards. While her boss is on vacation, a call comes in requesting a chef/bodyguard. Zoe isn’t the best cook in the world—nor is she the worst.

She takes the assignment and meets her new clients, an eccentric inventor and his very pregnant wife who has a broken arm. She also meets their chauffeur, a ruggedly handsome, unsettling man named Nick Rosetti.

What the two don’t know at first meeting—aside from the electric attraction pulling them together—is that each of them have been hired to be bodyguards, and both of them are not supposed to tell the person they are guarding.

I loved the premise of the book: a tough chef who can’t cook, an equally tough chauffeur who isn’t a driver, an absent-minded professor, and a fragile beauty—or is she?

The book has villains (no, I won’t reveal who is the real one), action, adventure, romance, and takes place in a suburb of Chicago near where I lived for ten years, so I felt right at home.

Go for the action, stay for the romance! I give 5 cooking spoons to this fast, fun read.

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