Monday, January 13, 2020

Review: Second Wind by Alison Henderson

Second Wind (Cypress Coast, #1)Second Wind by Alison Henderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Laurel McDowell escapes her abusive fiance and runs home to her loving family in Big Sur. Little does she know that not only was he an abusive SOB, he was also a money launderer. When his body washes up, Laurel hopes it's the end of an era in her life. Unfortunately, it's the beginning of a nightmare where mobsters are trying to find something the fiance left with her, something she cannot find.

Jake Carlson, a shorts-wearing, easy going FBI forensic accountant and friend to her family, shows up to help Laurel out in the nick of time repeatedly. Is he really interested in her? Or does he want to get the same thing the mobsters want? He seems like a good guy, but does his interest in Laurel stop when the case is solved.

Laurel and Jake take on bikers, mobsters, and a 30 pound cat. Okay, it's her cat, but still, he's thirty pounds of attack cat. Who will find the elusive thing? And what happens when they do? No spoilers from me! I give this book five big cat shining grins and an enthusiastic recommendation for all those who love romantic suspense.

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