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Book Tour and Giveaway: Take Me to the Mountain, Mountain Men of Whiskey River Book 4 by Kaci Rose



Take Me to the Mountain

Mountain Men of Whiskey River Book 4

by Kaci Rose

Genre: Modern Mail Order Bride, Mountain Man Romance 

My mountain man just had a delivery mailed to his door. Me.


I was out of options when I signed up for the website. Now I’m a modern day mail-order bride and I’ve been delivered to the doorstep of my mountain man groom.

Bennett is a gentle giant who tells me that he knew I was his from the moment he saw me. I’m on the run from my past, and the mountain man’s bed is the best place to stay hidden.

I just need my secrets to stay hidden too.


She’s a tiny slip of a thing that I can lift one-handed, but my new bride is a spitfire too. From the moment I saw her, I knew I would do anything to protect her.

And nobody messes with what is mine.

Our marriage has been consummated in body, but I intend to have her heart and soul too. And that means that my sweet bride has to tell me everything. Even her darkest secrets.

Now that I have her, I won’t let her go. And anyone who threatens our life together is going to have a giant problem on their hands.


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Kaci runs on coffee, chocolate, and Oreos. She loves her book boyfriends with tattoos, muscles, beards, and a little dirty.

Kaci loves romance books and has been jotting down ideas since she was in high school and is now putting the ideas down on paper. She believes in satisfying, happily ever afters with a lot of steam on the way.

She was born and raised in Southwest Florida but is wholeheartedly a mountain girl. She has been reading as many books as she could get her hands on since grade school and loves to travel when she gets the chance.

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Remembering Our Veterans


This is my father-in-law, Jacob Buchbinder, may he rest in peace. He graduated from medical school at age 21 and went on to his internship and residency at Knickerbocker Hospital in New York City. When FDR gave his Day of Infamy speech on December 8, 1941, all of the members of my father-in-law's residency training program raced to sign up to fight the Evil Axis. He watched as his classmates were inducted, wondering why he hadn't been called up. He returned to the draft office and demanded to know why they hadn't contacted him. The reason? After a thorough search of the office, they found his folder had fallen behind the file cabinet. And, at last he was called to go to war in Biloxi, Mississippi where he cared for injured returning soldiers.

After attending Officer Candidate School, my brother served in Vietnam with the U.S. Army Special Forces. He has a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star, and a harrowing tale that would have turned out with him not returning home alive had it not been for his driver racing back to retrieve him from a suddenly empty village. He still sleeps poorly and has shrapnel embedded in his flesh.

My father served in the Army in Europe and was injured. He returned, not only with that injury, but also with what would come to be known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He spent years of his life in St. Elizabeth's Mental Hospital in Washington, D.C. being treated for paranoid schizophrenia. His untreated PTSD contributed to his alcoholism and death at the age of 52.

My ancestor, William Chenault, Senior served in the Revolutionary War, as did a number of my other ancestors. I am a card-carrying member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and an Honorary Regent, meaning I served as the leader of the Baltimore Chapter, DAR for six years. The DAR is dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America's future through better education for children.

My ancestor and family members came home--not all healthy, but they came home. Many who serve do not. And many ethnic groups, African Americans and Native Americans, in particular--have not received the recognition they deserve for their heroism. On this day, let us remember all our Veterans for their courage, honor, and sacrifice for our country. It is the least we can do to thank them for allowing us to sleep peacefully at night in our dry, warm beds while they endure cold, heat, mud, dust, bad food, and the hourly threat of injuries and death.

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Book Tour and Giveaway: Cozy up this Fall with a book from Gail Z. Martin!



Cozy up this Fall with a book from Gail Z. Martin!

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The Summoner

Chronicles of the Necromancer Book 1

The Chronicles of the Necromancer series is an action-packed epic fantasy adventure filled with magic, occult lore, honorable ghosts, loyal friends, found family, immortal creatures, secrets, curses, forbidden love—and a necromancer hero!

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Ice Forged

Ascendant Kingdoms Saga Book 1

The Ascendant Kingdoms Saga, a tale of unpredictable magic, battling warlords, and the lust for vengeance set in the unforgiving frozen wastes at the edge of the world.

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Assassin's Honor

Assassins of Landria Book 1

The Assassins of Landria series is buddy flick epic fantasy, an action-packed epic adventure filled with loyal friends, honorable fugitives, secret sanctuaries, hidden magic, and unexpected explosions

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Darkhurst Book 1

Fighting the monsters that killed their family and friends cost undertaker brothers Corran and Rigan Valmonde their home and livelihood and made them wanted men—but the worst is yet to come.

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Sons of Darkness

The Night Vigil Book 1

When a series of disappearances, suicides, and vengeful spirits cause havoc and death along a remote interstate highway, demon-hunting ex-priest Travis Dominick teams up with former special ops soldier and monster-hunter Brent Lawson to end the problem with extreme prejudice.

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Spells, Salt and Steel Season One

Spells, Salt and Steel Book 1

By day, Mark Wojcik can be found elbow-deep in engine grease, making cars and trucks safe for the highway. By night, he can be found traipsing through the wilds of Pennsylvania, making the world safe for humans. He’s more than just a mechanic, he’s a New Templar Knight. He travels the backroads and byways fighting weresquonks, ningen, selkies, ghosts, and…gnomes?

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The Joe Mack Adventures Book 1

When you ask a god for favors, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. Josef Magarac was a brave man, a strong man, a hard-working immigrant who only wanted a better life for his family. Instead he got a bloodbath. From the bloody steel mill strikes of Pennsylvania rose a true man of steel, a steelworker transformed into something more by the power of the Old Gods. Now Joe Mack is in Cleveland, and he’s working to protect those who can’t protect themselves. 

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Deadly Curiosities

Deadly Curiosities Book 1

Deadly Curiosities is an action-packed urban fantasy paranormal thrill ride full of dark magic, infernal creatures, goblins and demigods, haunted places, pirate ghosts, found family, witch dynasties, loyal friends, Voudon spirits, secret history and plenty of adventure.

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Iron & Blood

The Jake Desmet Adventures Book 1

Mad scientists, brilliant inventors, airships, vampires, clockwork zombies, absinthe magic, and a conspiracy of dark magic, industrial sabotage and the monsters that  threatens not just New Pittsburgh, but the whole world.

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Wasteland Marshals

Wasteland Marshals Volume 1

The Wasteland Marshals series is an action-packed near-future post-apocalyptic thriller full of grim ghosts, legendary creatures, shifters, and elemental spirits, brave survivors, loyal friends, and found family. 

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Check out the latest books from Gail Z. Martin!

Exile's Quest

Assassins of Landria Book 4

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House of Cards

Spells, Salt and Steel Book 8

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The Joe Mack Adventures

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Deadly Curiosities Book 5

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Gail Z. Martin writes urban fantasy, epic fantasy, steampunk and more for Solaris Books, Orbit Books, Falstaff Books, SOL Publishing and Darkwind Press. Urban fantasy series include Deadly Curiosities and the Night Vigil (Sons of Darkness). Epic fantasy series include Darkhurst, the Chronicles Of The Necromancer, the Fallen Kings Cycle, the Ascendant Kingdoms Saga, and the Assassins of Landria.

Together with Larry N. Martin, she is the co-author of Iron & Blood, Storm & Fury (both Steampunk/alternate history), the Spells Salt and Steel comedic horror series, the Roaring Twenties monster hunter Joe Mack Shadow Council series, and the Wasteland Marshals near-future post-apocalyptic series. As Morgan Brice, she writes urban fantasy MM paranormal romance, with the Witchbane, Badlands, Treasure Trail, Kings of the Mountain and Fox Hollow series. Gail is also a con-runner for ConTinual, the online, ongoing multi-genre convention that never ends.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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In Honor of Native American Heritage Month: Frank Linderman and Crow History

I fell in love with Frank Linderman’s work and became fascinated with the Crows or Apsaalooké Nation when I wrote my first jinni hunter novella, Kiss of the Silver Wolf, a paranormal romance that involved the handsome and mysterious director of a clandestine division within a powerful government agency. Bert Blackfeather, a hero of the Gulf War with both a Purple Heart and a Silver Star, runs Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate’s Anomaly Defense Division. His agents vary in talents and skills, all paranormal, all outside the bureaucratic box. The Haunting of Hotel LaBelle, takes place in Billings, Montana and on the Crow Reservation, Bert’s home which he returns to from time to time. I hope the following very brief introduction to the Crow culture and history piques your curiosity and gives you a sense of the wonder I felt as I researched and wrote my latest book.

The Name and Language
Although the origins of the name have been argued about by scholars over time, the designation of “Raven” and “Crow” people has been “used interchangeably since the 18th century” (Voget, 2001). The Crow name for their tribe is Absaroke, or Apsaalooké translated variously as bird, children of the large beaked bird, sparrow hawk, crow, raven, or anything that flies, depending on the author and the century. The majority (85%) of the tribe speaks Crow as their first language. Don’t be daunted! There’s an app to learn about the Crow culture and language and it can even be downloaded to your smart phone.

The Reservation and Little Bighorn
Like many Native American peoples, the Crow have experienced loss of territory and lands since Europeans arrived. Treaties were signed, broken, renegotiated and broken again—by the White men. According to the Crow Reservation Timeline, 38 million acres of land over which the Plains people rode and hunted buffalo shrank to its present size of 2.3 million acres. The Crow Reservation sits on breathtaking lands and waterways. South of the city of Billings, the reservation borders on Wyoming. Within its boundaries is the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument at Crow Agency. Crow warriors served as scouts and soldiers in this battle, alongside General Custer’s troops in the fight against their old enemies, the Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho. According to Pretty Shield, a Medicine Woman, at least two Crow women served as warriors in this battle, Finds-them-and-kills-them and The-other-magpie.
[A Crow Camp]
Gender Roles
A matrilineal society, the woman owned the tipi (teepee) or lodge tent and all the household goods. They skinned the animals, prepared food, gathered water and wood. The men owned the horses and their weapons. If parents proposed a match to their daughter (outside of the clan, to prevent in-breeding) based on what they thought was a good fit, if she didn’t like the man, she could say no. There was no formal marriage ceremony. The man offered a horse (or two) and a rifle (or two) in exchange for his love and, if accepted, they moved in together—into the woman’s home. Men could take more than one wife, usually the sisters of his first wife. Men were not permitted to speak to their mother-in-law, but had to make public announcements or talk through their wives, which in my opinion, probably avoided a lot of conflict (Linderman, 2003; Vogt, 2001).
[Crow Mother and Child, 1900’s]
Men were hunters and warriors, although there were some exceptions, as noted above. Another Woman Warrior, whom some thought was not real until further research by Denig indicated she truly existed is Pine Leaf. Captured in a raid on the Gros Ventre as a ten-year-old child by the Crow, Woman Chief Pine Leaf grew up to be a powerful warrior and chief. To become a chief a Crow warrior had to “count coup”, by doing one of the following four things: striking an enemy with a bare hand or stick without killing him, leading a successful raid, stealing horses from an enemy camp, or grabbing a bow or gun in hand-to-hand combat.

Two-Spirit People are those individuals who don’t fit into a neatly assigned gender role, but instead are on a continuum of gender. Native Americans have a more fluid approach to gender, with some tribes describing four or more genders. Based on Pretty Shield’s description (noted above) and other extensive historical documentation, Finds-them-and-kills-them also known as Osh-tisch,was a two-spirit person, a male who dressed as woman. Two-spirit people were considered highly spiritual and were accepted by the Crows.

Spiritual Beliefs
Contrary to early European settlers’ misperceptions, the Crow believe in a Supreme Power who is responsible for all life. Since the Crow worshipped and pray in a different manner from the Europeans, this monotheistic belief was lost in translation. A young man or woman will seek guidance from the spirit world by fasting and going out alone in the wilderness to sacred spaces. A successful vision quest will provide the seeker medicine dreams. Animals, birds, or persons are often part of these dreams. In the case of Chief Plenty Coup, the Chief of Chiefs, The Dwarfs, or Little People, appeared to guide him when he was nine years old. They adopted him and instead of giving him a medicine bundle, gave him advice which made him wise and helped him to become a great leader (Linderman, 2002).
[Chief Plenty-Coups, 1880]
Death and Mourning
Historically, when someone died, the Crow women and men cut themselves, lacerating arms, legs, even puncturing their heads. They cut their long hair, one of the Crow people’s greatest pride, to reflect their suffering and loss. Once someone has died, his or her name was not spoken, and they were Beings without Bodies. The departed move to the hereafter, or the “camp beyond.” Historically, Crow burial customs included wrapping the deceased in his finest clothing and blankets and placing them on Hulishoopiio or scaffolds. When the body fell from the scaffold, it would be covered with rocks. Or the body was placed in an Ashalaxxo, or lodge, which is closed up with all their belongings inside and their animals let loose. After the Crow were placed on the reservation, scaffolds on the plains were not an option, so a Balaxoo, or a Tree-Resting Place was used. Again, if the body fell, it was covered with boulders and rock. And, bodies were placed on Rock Ledges and in Crevices during the Smallpox Epidemic of 1843, after the US Army knowingly distributed blankets and rations contaminated with the contagious disease. 
 [Burial Scaffold, 1908]

Animals, Patrons, Spirits and Shapeshifting
The Crow have sacred and spiritual connections to the animals in their lives. They are seen in vision quests and visitations and have special significance when they appear as patrons with special powers. The most sacred animal is the buffalo, the beautiful creature that gave the tribe everything from food to shelter. Like the buffalo, the eagle is the most sacred bird and along with falcons and hawks they are considered spirit patrons. As an aside, because of the spiritual association with these birds, eagle and hawk feathers can only be owned by Native Americans. Wolves were domesticated as pups, but were not treated as common dogs. They were respected, and human scouts were called “wolves” in honor of this animal. Coyotes were considered friends and the coyote’s call was used to communicate among warriors on a raid. The elk gave food, but were also mystical and could transform themselves into women, as could white tail deer. Mink were considered treacherous and could transform into women, bewitching and leading men astray. This is a short list of the animals in Crow life.
[Buffalo, 1902]
Want More?
Thanks to the hard work of Frank B. Linderman in the late 1920s, the world has a written history of the Apsaalooké, or Crow Nation, a traditionally oral culture. As a young man, Linderman became entranced with the West and moved out there to become a hunter and trapper. Over time, Native Americans befriended him and began to tell their stories to him in sign language and through interpreters. The Crows called him the Great Sign Talker and Pretty Shield said he made books speak. Almost a century later, his work crackles with life and takes the reader on breathtaking journeys into another world and another time. If you have not read his books and are interested in Native American stories, biographies, and autobiographies, please see my list of resources below. I recommend beginning with Pretty Shield: Medicine Woman of the Crows and Plenty-Coups: Chief of the Crows. Pretty Shield’s granddaughter, Alma Hogan Snell, offers us more contemporary perspectives with her books, Grandmother’s Grandchild: My Crow Indian Life and A Taste of Heritage: Crow Indian Recipes and Herbal Medicines. I hope you enjoy the story.

Here are some additional resources if you are interested in this topic.

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Pretty Shield’s Story of the Battle (transcribed from Linderman’s work, Pretty Shield)

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