Friday, March 27, 2015

New Release: The Hot Shoppe 2 by Letty James

The Hot Shoppe 2 -- where romance is always brewing....

Two hot reads under one cover...

When British hotel magnate, Colin Huntington, dares American event manager, Dori Darling, to touch him anywhere with only the tip of her finger, one small touch could lead to breaking all the rules, both business and personal. With Dori’s career at stake, can she afford to indulge in something so Delicious?

At the Johnny Dorado concert, LeeAnn Mukulski realizes she can get more than just another autograph from the sexy singer. After all, ten glorious, fantasy-filled years should amount to something. At least that Desirable one kiss. When Johnny hijacks her car after his concert, she quickly discovers there’s a real man behind the star fa├žade--a man willing to follow his dreams, while challenging her to reach for her own.

Trouble, with a capital T, stared at her. His mouth curved into a slight smile, his lips fuller than in the pictures, colder than she ever imagined. The famous British chill seemed to have seeped into the room from a continent away. He could wound her with that mouth.
He thrust out his hand and she stepped forward to shake it. He didn’t let go, but held it firmly as his hooded eyes assessed her. Had he found pictures of her and spent his lunch hours studying every angle of her face, imagining them dancing cheek-to-cheek, or standing side-by-side on the deck of his sailboat, salty sea spray mingling with kisses? She highly doubted it. He didn’t broker in fairy tales like she did.
She felt the heat of her blush stain her cheeks, but she kept her eyes on his. Surely, his eyes were icy blue, but no—they were the deep rusty brown of the British tea she most favored. Only slightly taller than her in her four inch heels, he radiated a much larger presence in his wool, navy pin-striped suit and crisp white shirt. How well they would fit together.
Stop it. Don’t think about it.
 His eyes widened. One eyebrow curled up a notch as he caught her perusal. “Will I do?”
 “You’re ... perfect.”
Oh. My. God. She did not just say that.

On the last verse, LeeAnn and Johnny sang together, their mouths an inch apart at the mic, their voices seamlessly harmonizing as they pledged to travel the road together. Her heart pumped pure joy as the crowd went wild. Rosie, Molly, and Claire hooted and hollered over LeeAnn’s performance. She did a little curtsey for the crowd and Johnny, turning to wave thank you to the band.
Take that, Mr. Dorado.
"What’s your name?” Johnny leaned in close, his breath tickling her ear, raising goose bumps all down her arms.
“LeeAnn.” No way would she tell him her last name. He’d probably make fun of her.
"Let’s give it up for LeeAnn, everybody.”

The crowd clapped again.Someone in the back shouted, “Kiss her."
Johnny’s shocking green eyes met hers. She offered him her cheek. Instead, he grabbed her around the waist, dipped her over his knee and planted one right on the kisser. A quick kiss that lingered, searing her brain. Their eyes locked and the world spun. She grabbed his shoulders, dizzy from either the sudden movement or his kiss, she couldn’t tell.  
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