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Joan Reeves: Round Robin Interview with Summer Fire Authors

I thought it would be fun to ask some of the authors of the Summer Fire Contemporary Romance Collection the same question because I knew the responses from these New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors would all be entertaining to readers and informative to writers.
Question: What is the title of your book in the Summer Fire Contemporary Romance Collection and how does it represent your style or your brand?
Gennita Low, author of Sizzle. “Sizzling passion and flying bullets.”
My story is titled SIZZLE. My writing slogan is "sizzling passion among flying bullets." Heh. Does that answer the question? My style tends to be the study of high emotions during very stressed times. I slow things down so my characters can take a time-out and then I speed it up again because danger is always around them. I love to "watch" how my hero and heroine deal with moments of pure reaction.
Kym Grosso, author of Solstice Burn. “Love and erotic temptation in the tropics.”
Solstice Burn is my book in the Summer Fire Box Set.  I'm probably most well known for my erotic paranormal romance series, the Immortals of New Orleans.  Like that series, Solstice Burn is an erotic romance, but it's contemporary, so no vampires or werewolves. :-)
Victoria Danann, author of A Season in Gemini. “A breath of fresh romance--normal and paranormal.”
My book is titled A Season in Gemini. This is my first crossover into Contemporary Romance. My writing style that won Best Paranormal Romance Series two years in a row (2013 and 2014) is the same. I'm just writing without supernatural elements, which has been a fun change for me.
L. Wilder, author of Summer Storm. “Can their love survive the storm?”
My book is called Summer Storm, and it is a MC Romance Novella. It is filled with Romance and Suspense.
Cat Miller, author of Sun Burnt. “Sophisticated city girl’s wild ride with a cowboy.”
Honestly, I just started writing contemporary romance in 2014. Until now I've been a paranormal romance writer. If there is a similarity between my work in the two genre it's strong females and high drama.
Mimi Barbour, author of Big Girls Don't Cry. “Why cry when no one is listening?”
Big Girls Don't Cry represents my brand because of the characters I created. I love writing memorable people who have to deal with important issues. First, we have Remi Calder, a big girl who has a lot of self-confidence in her work as an accountant and in her hobby as a home designer. But, she's ridiculously clumsy around men and situations that make her nervous. Which of course means she's a bungler around our Scottish hero. Dr. Eadan Fleming is a man who's had it with skinny, beautiful debutantes. He wants a nice girl from now on, one who will be happy to join him for a meal where he won't have to watch her pick away at a chintzy salad.
To add a bit of conflict, we have Greta, an overweight teenager who, because of the bullying she's suffered at school, is ready to say “good-bye cruel world.” As a bit of comic relief, Eadan's brother, Graeme, shows up every so often. He's that likable, I might have to write him his own story. I'll let the readers decide if they want to read about his romance. (If you like the chap as much as I do, let me know.)
Helen Scott Taylor, author of Irish Kisses. “Second chance at love in an enchanting Irish castle.”
My book is Irish Kisses, the first in the Wishing Jar trilogy, all set in a castle in Ireland. It is sweet contemporary romance like most of my other contemporaries. I love setting novels in the countryside, often in manor houses or castles. Recent books of mine have been set in England and Scotland.
Clarissa Wild, author of Killer. “Bitterness turns into an obsession; a stalker is born.”
My book is Killer, and it's a romantic suspense prequel to Stalker. It is raw, gritty, and features imperfect characters with very bad tendencies. I like my characters smart and badass, which is exactly what Killer is about.
Mona Risk, author of Husband for a Week. “Never fall in love with a fake husband.”
My contribution to Summer Fire anthology is Husband for a Week, a romantic comedy encompassing some light suspense, and sprinkled with emotion and humor. This story follows my tag line: Around the world with stories that shimmer with emotion and sizzle with passion.
Lorhainne Eckhart, author of His Promise. “A love they thought would last forever.”
His Promise is my book in the Summer Fire Box Set. It is the story of a man and a woman who were childhood sweethearts and thought their love would last forever. I love to write about deep love, family, and emotional obstacles thrown in the path of my characters. Often of their own making. Kim and Bruce were inseparable as teens and believed their love was strong enough to overcome everything.
Joan Reeves, author of Heat Lightning. “Secrets, lies, passion. Secrets can kill.”
I’m known primarily for the sexy romantic comedies I write. Heat Lightning, a sexy romantic suspense, is edgier and has a dramatic premise. However, as the heroine becomes “stronger” the mood lightens so that in the end, my trademark “books that leave you with a smile” is there.
Brandy L Rivers, author of Summer Rhythm. “Doug never could resist Chloe. Is she back for good?”
I write mostly paranormal but do a little contemporary. This is a spinoff of my Others of Seattle series. The first book in that series deals with the singer from Nights Embrace, Roxana Nights. The third book deals with the guitar player and her brother, Michael Nights. Doug is the bass player and he's close with all of them, but he really wants nothing to do with the supernatural around him. In fact, he's stuck in the past, pining over a girl he never could have. At least until his story takes place.
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