Saturday, April 16, 2016

Kiss of the Virgin Queen Nominated for RONE Award!

I am thrilled to announce that KISS OF THE VIRGIN QUEEN has been nominated for a RONE, a prestigious award in the independent and small publisher world. There are a lot of great books and authors in this category. I am deeply honored to have my book baby listed among them.

Preliminary voting is needed by you, my faithful fans and readers, for one week only. After that, finalists move on to the next round to be judged by industry professionals. Voting begins Monday, April 18 and you will have a short, one week time frame to vote.

In order to vote, you must register on IndTale's website first, (if you aren't already registered...quick, painless, and free) then check your email for the verification link. You MUST click the verification link in the email that is sent once you register, or you won’t be able to vote. If you'd like to get registered in advance so you are all set to vote come Monday (WINK WINK) you can do so here:

The link to register is in the right hand column. They have a wonderful monthly e-zine for subscribers with author articles and lots of reviews to the latest books in a a wide range of categories.
Thank you for considering my request!!!

Happy spring--I know it's out there, somewhere??