Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Healed with a Kiss wins Three Firebird Book Awards!


I am thrilled to announce that Healed with a Kiss, Cats Paw, Cats Paw Cover Series Book 20 is the recipient of not one, but three Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Book Awards:
  • 1st Place: Fantasy
  • 1st Place: Paranormal Romance
  • 2nd Place: Romantic Comedy

Authors and publishers from around the world submitted their work to the Firebird Book Awards. A panel of 12 judges within the writing and publishing space then read every book and independently scored each entry according to a set of standardized criteria that evaluates the quality of the writing as well as production aspects. Only entries with the highest of scores are awarded the coveted Firebird. The contest had 377 entries and 72 winners in 87 categories.

So what's this funny little Valentine about? Read on! 

Where science ends, magic begins…

Brendan Redbird is a man of science and a medical professional. When this very uptight, predictable guy is adopted by a naughty talking cat (Tom) and his two brothers (Dick and Harry), Brendan's life makes an unpredictable turn.

Tom smacks a girl on the butt and lets Brendan take the blame. The only problem is the girl Tom smacked is a water nymph, Myrotessa, or Tessa for short. She isn't about to let Brendan off with that ridiculous excuse. Tessa has healing waters and the gift of prophecy—but she did not see that coming.

When the magical felines of Cat's Paw Cove begin succumbing to a mysterious malady, Tessa and Brendan are forced to work together to find a cure. Along the way to helping others, they fix the cracks in their hearts—and are healed with a kiss.

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Externally, the cottage looked like all the other little houses on the street: a mirror image of Charly and Dylan’s Furever Home. Internally, however, all the required furnishings displayed eye-searing shades of neon green, orange, and pink. Even the refrigerator bore a paisley pattern in the same hues. No wonder the owners had been unable to sell the place. He rolled his bag into the one and only bedroom. He had to admit, the walls painted like Van Gogh’s Starry Night were impressive. He searched for the nightstand with the touted eye masks—and stopped.

Three bicolor cats lounged on the bed. One cat had not only a black moustache, but thick eyebrows, making him look like a feline Groucho Marx. Another stopped grooming his large ears to stare at Brendan. A third cat looked as if someone had given him a perm. Tight curls covered every inch of his body, including his tail—which he was chasing.

Speaking to himself, Brendan said, “I didn’t know the rental came with cats.”

“It doesn’t,” the feline that looked like Groucho replied. “You’re our human, and we’re your cats. I’m Tom, and these are my brothers, Dick and Harry.”

Holy guacamole! It’s a talking cat!

Buongiorno,” Dick said. “Welcome to la famiglia.”

Curly-haired Harry waggled his ears and pressed his nose with a paw and honked like a bicycle horn.

Brendan burst out laughing. “I don’t know how my sister did this, but this is the funniest prank I’ve seen in years.” He walked around the room, scanning the walls and furniture for hidden cameras. “I want the video. This should be on the Internet.”

“You do know you’re in Cat’s Paw Cove, right?” Tom asked. “A magical place where anything can happen and does?”

Brendan waved his hand at the felines. “You can stop fooling around now, Charly. I know you and Big D must have taken weeks to plan this.”

“Ahem.” Tom cleared his throat. “We are Sherwood cats, which means we are magical talking cats. Have you not met others like us?”

“You mean like Little Pie and Pizza Pie?” He ran his hand under the nightstand. “Charly has always been able to throw her voice. She did it as a kid, didn’t you, Charly? You can come out now.”

Tom smacked Brendan on the arm with a lightning fast thwap. “For a smart man, you are very dense.”

“Ow. What’d you do that for, Groucho?”

“My name is not Groucho. It is Tom. Would you like me to call you Red?”

Brendan rubbed the still stinging spot. “Wait until dinner, Charly. You are going to pay for this.”

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