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Book Tour and Giveaway: The Witch and the Stag by Victoria Rogers



The Witch and the Stag

The McKinley Women Book 1

by Victoria Rogers

Genre: Paranormal Romance

As a solitary witch, Maddy McKinley’s job is to ensure her community is safe from paranormal harm. When a routine neighborhood exorcism goes wrong, Maddy finds herself haunted by a poltergeist that has been hounding her family for generations.

With the help of the hunky godling across the street, Maddy must learn to set aside her family traditions and work with another before the poltergeist destroys her.

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Victoria Rogers is an award-winning podcaster, game designer, and storyteller known for their immersive worlds and strong female characters.

Witches, warlocks, gods, and spirits fill their dreams and stories. Consent and healthy communication are two major aspects of their work – after all, you can’t have what you want unless you ask for it.

Victoria can be found in the garden and in the kitchen making fruit wines, brewing beers, and infusing spirits. When not feeding friends, they attend tabletop gaming conventions and sit on storytelling and world-building panels, teach about online marketing, and produce live events.

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I love paranormal romance as a genre. It’s fun, can be suspenseful and scary, but it can also make you laugh aloud with a character’s antics, or curl your toes in delight. There’s a lot the genre offers. It was the first choice of genre for me when I plopped myself in front of my laptop and said, “I’m going to write a book.”

Now, I’m a kitchen witch. I potter around in my kitchen brewing beer, making fruit wines, and infusing spirits. I cook with love and intention and wish to nourish everyone who walks through my front door. No one leaves my house hungry. There’s the vegetable garden and herb garden to take care of, and soap and shampoo to make. In short, I keep myself busy manifesting things that nurture the every day aspects of my loved ones lives. It was a no brainer for me to make my main character a witch.

I love stories about witches – women who refuse to follow the mold of womanhood society has set out for them. Witches create a space outside societal norms to live in, thwarting the patriarchy by brandishing power. I loved the idea of showcasing how a woman who lives outside of the power structure falls in love with someone with an equal footing. Enter Cedric Bligh. Cedric is a godling, the son of a mortal woman and the god of the forest. As a godling, Cedric has a tremendous amount of magic, though it is wild and untamed, whereas our witch, Maddy, has honed her craft.

Now, what was most important to me was that these two powerful people were on equal footing and treated each other as equals. From the beginning they are open and honest with one another. I said this in my author bio, and I’ll say it again, open communication is key to a healthy relationship. I was adamant about showing how communication can spice a relationship up. Especially during the steamy bits. You can’t get what you want if you don’t ask for it! And we all want good sex, right? Unless our partners are mind readers, we need to articulate our needs and desires.

I had an absolute blast writing The Witch and the Stag, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

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