Sunday, January 23, 2022

A Bee in Her Bonnet Wins Three Awards!

I'm thrilled to announce that A Bee in Her Bonnet has earned three (3) book awards from the Speak Up Talk Radio Book Awards: First Place for Romance and Romantic Comedy and Second Place for Paranormal Romance. Many thanks to the hardworking contest judges (657 entries!) and to Pat Rullo the creator of the contest! You can see all the award winners here

Not all that buzzes is a bee...

Elva Boyd, an extroverted elf, uses bees and honey to treat patients in pain. Art Klarastos, an introverted demi-god, beekeeper, and inventor is her best friend. When Elva’s beehives disappear, Art beelines to her to deliver the news. Distressed, Elva pleads for his assistance with the mystery of the missing boxes. Kit Kat, his matchmaking talking cat, makes a deal with Elva: Art will help her in exchange for a real date. 

Art is mortified, but Elva agrees without hesitation. While they attempt to deduce why someone might want to steal her bees’ homes, a couple arrives and claims to be Elva’s long-lost parents. An orphan raised in Cat’s Paw Cove by her aunt and uncle, Elva is ecstatic. Suspicious of these unknown elves, Art shares his concerns—but Elva tunes out his buzzing.

When her parents declare they have come to take her home to Scotland for her contractually obligated wedding, Art is devastated. Will his best friend leave with her newfound family and soon-to-be-husband? Or will he be able to convince her that he is the beekeeper of her heart? 

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