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Shocking Finds by Tracey Clark

I was asked for a short bio... hmm... those that know me best will be on the floor laughing. I can be down right wordy on my best day. But I will do my best.
My name is Tracey L Clark, and I enjoy all things about my country-twang home state. I was once asked why my Novel took place in Kentucky, and I just had to reply, "Why not? Ky rocks. From the horses, to the leaves in fall, to the cave systems running continuously underfoot, to our love of all things bourbon ... why not?" If cowboys were as think as cave systems, I would be in heaven.
I write paranormal romance, and just published my first novel 'Shocking Finds' through Gone Writing Publishing. I love to write, brainstorm with others in the writing community, and spend time with my two pugs. When I need some downtime to get my head straight (and all authors have quite a lot of voices vying for attentions in their minds) I look for an art project other than writing to occupy my thoughts. My favorite would have to be oil paints, but anything with yarn is also a winner in my book. Frankly, I love all aspects of art, and have been know to try them all.
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Shocking Finds

I began writing my Finder's Keepers world out of boredom. Yep. Boredom and need. A case of MS (multiple sclerosis) took away a lot of my options in life, so I started entertaining myself with stories. From their it grew into a pursuit. Marin came first, and then she introduced others from her world, and then she suggested other worlds that would work well with hers, and then ... Okay, so the voices got a little out of hand. I now have so many edits to complete that I want to scream, but at least I am screaming with a smile on my face.
The title of my first novel seems to apply to a lot that now have in my life. The best parts. Like my closest online pals Krizs from Canada and T.S. from Ohio ... These were the first two friends I met, as we tried our best to hit 50k words in NaNoWriMo. Anyone the least bit interested in writing should check out the different NaNo activities. They even have one for young writers. The push and support is great, but can also be addictive. Being a little OCD when it comes to completing something like this, I always use NaNo to write something new. Sounds like a good idea, right? Nope. I will be editing until my fingers wall off, when I would rather be building a new world or two.
Thankfully, Shocking Finds: A Finder's Keepers Novel I now ready for reader to enjoy. I am so excited that spontaneous squealing has turned into an embarrassing problem, one that I plan to enjoy. Here is the blurb for the back of the book ...
An act of rebellion, Marin doesn't think that running into the new store in town will hurt anything. Her aunt will never know... right? One car wreck later, her aunt is hospitalized, Marin is forced to spend her twenty-first birthday fighting for her life, and magic - the very thing her aunt has always sworn to be for fools - is real. And so is the irresistible Fae dedicated to Marin's protection.
Kyland has searched Earth-side and all the other realms, looking for a missing Fae child. A child his Queen prophesied would be able to one day save the Fae people from the Danshue, as the evil Fae threat tries to overwhelm the entire Supernatural Community. A child that would know nothing of her blocked gifts, or her Fae heritage waiting to be claimed. A child that has grown into a curvy, delicious morsel he would love to taste
Together Marin and Kyland will fight Fae assassins, overcome betrayals, and if they're lucky ... they will find the Danshue responsible for their plight. That's if Marin doesn't shock him to death with her erratic new gift, and her out of control emotions.
That condensed bit of writing took a lot of input form others. Loquacious - maybe that is what my middle initial really stands for ... hmm, sounds good to me. Way better than chatterbox. To round this post out, and to live up to my new middle name, here is a short excerpt from Shocking Finds. Another longer excerpt, one that holds the first few chapters, can be found on traceylclark.com on the sneak peaks page.

Being forced to play chauffeur already had Anton on edge. The little gift in his trunk was going to push him over the edge. Kyland hid his grin in Marin’s hair.
Straightening in his seat, Kyland allowed Anton to see his smirk, as their eyes met in the rearview mirror. “You may wish to drive faster. Arriving at Marin’s before the present in your trunk is fully awake could prove prudent.” At least Kyland had a base line for how long his sleeping draft would last.
“What do you mean? What present? And why my trunk?” Anton sure had a lot of questions, but at least he drove a little faster.
“I needed to transport him back to Marin’s house, and your car was unlocked.”
“It most certainly was not, you Battle-Fae-Bastard.” Anton was vibrating with tension.
“It was after I broke in.” And, okay, Kyland was enjoying himself. He felt lighter, more energetic.
Anton stared into the mirror, shock and anger plain on his face. Before he could speak, and possibly ruin their lovely drive, Kyland added, “I do not know what the big deal is. Marin blew out the rest of the windows, and I needed to open the trunk.” Kyland smirked and then happily pointed out, “Watch the road, or at least that tree blocking our way.”

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